Solar- Martial Candles.


A very special limited edition of 5!

These candles were heavily and repeatedly imbued with the force and assurance of Mars In Aries. Each has been consecrated with dagger, club, sword, and firearm as well as copious suffumigations and invocations of Martial energy, both tactical and furious, enthroned in the House of the Ram. The candles were then heated over sacred flame and rolled in my unique blend of martially- inclined spices, herbs, thorns and other materia before another round of prayers, offerings, and invocations were completed.

Further, Solar Deity was invoked over the candles at appropriate dates and times, infusing them with power of Strength, Vision, Foresight, Virility, and Victory.

Each candle comes in a sewn black bag made from cloth charged and dedicated to the Goddess Hekate on the day and hour of the moon as well as prayer and offering to Saturnian energy invoked to bind and contain the volatility of the pieces. Tied with thrice-wrapped golden thread similarly consecrated to the Sun through various solar avatars.

These powerful magickal implements are intended for those with a specific need. The process of their creation was quite taxing- I felt exhausted for days afterward, and after the climax of the Mars portion of the workings I rested from further magic for a week except to meditate daily and perform astral cleansings to ward myself from feelings of aggression, anger, and impulsiveness. The planetary accumulations in this candle should not be taken lightly- that which gives Light and Warm and Life also blasts, incinerates, and consumes. Invoke Mars in Aries for victory against people, systems, histories, circumstances, and all that which does not serve your highest purpose. Set hexes or lift those set against you, real or imagined, dire and festering. Dislodge that which has choked your flow, and always weigh the consequences and outcomes.

"Magnanimous, unconquer'd, boistrous Mars,
In darts rejoicing, and in bloody wars
Fierce and untam'd, whose mighty pow'r can make
The strongest walls from their foundations shake..."
-Orphic Hymn to Mars