Jovian Abundance Kit

Image of Jovian Abundance Kit


Jupiter is the ruler of Health and Wealth! This spell and the accompanying materia can help align you with these principles and further your journey toward abundance in your life.

The Jovian Abundance Kit comes with three components: an organic grapeseed oil infusion of lavender and cedar harvested from my own property on auspicious dates and blessed with multiple prayers and offerings to Jupiter, a similarly consecrated candle, and an instructional zine that details my original ritual for the manifestation of your personal abundance as well as historical data and further suggestions.

I make no specific claims toward results relating specifically to healing you or increasing your economic wellbeing- the materials have been blessed, consecrated, and charged in accordance with established astrological and magickal practices and auspices, but beyond that, true magick relies on both focus and labor- don’t just expect some words and gestures to change your life- use these to catalyze your own effort and willpower toward your goals.